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Your partners and associates at the international forum "Preservation of cultural Heritage"

International forum "Preservation of cultural Heritage" - is Russia's only specialized event representing the complete range of products and services to the industry of restoration, conservation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

International forum "Preservation of cultural Heritage" - a place for meetings, enabling effective interaction with the target audience, lucrative agreements, productive work, generating new contacts and professional success.

You have to know everything that can be useful for you and develop your business!

Be among the industry leaders - are waiting for you at the congress and exhibition!


  • Leading Russian and foreign manufacturers / suppliers:
    • tools, instruments, machinery and technological equipment for the restorers;
    • equipment, instruments, tools, machines for the restoration and preservation of architectural sites of cultural and historical heritage;
    • materials and technologies for the processes of restoration and conservation;
    • materials, equipment and technologies for the physical-chemical, radiological x-ray, laser and biological diagnostics and examination;
    • HVAC equipment and systems;
    • stationary and mobile equipment and systems for the conservation of cultural heritage;
    • equipment, systems and complexes of the fire alarm and fire fighting;
    • systems and equipment for the ornithological protection of architectural objects, and sculpture;
    • automated systems and complexes of accounting objects and objects of cultural and historical heritage;
    • equipment and materials for maintenance of parks and monuments of landscape architecture;
    • lighting equipment, electrical equipment;
    • information systems and equipment, multimedia and software;
  • Restoration companies and organizations.
  • Construction companies.
  • Lighting Company
  • Estimates, insurance and design companies and organizations.
  • Publishers specialized literature, the media.
  • Educational institutions and centers of training and refresher courses.
  • Travel companies (cultural tourism).
  • Producers of information and cognition and advertising video and audio products, thematic television programs and movies.
  • Russian and foreign organizations, associations and unions.

At the Forum more than ten countries will demonstrate their products and services.


  • Restorers, architects, artists, crafts, builders, workers of museums, libraries, archives and funds
  • Managers and specialists of relevant organizations, experts
  • Specialists engineering services, IT specialists
  • The owners of cultural heritage, investors and customers of restoration work
  • Representatives of relevant ministries, agencies, associations and organizations
  • Delegations of the Russian Federation and city administrations
  • Foreign delegations


You can highlight your company's leadership position in the market industry, restoration, preservation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage, strengthen the marketing effect of participation in the exhibition, becoming a sponsor of the international forum "Preservation of cultural Heritage".


Date and venue:

International forum "Preservation of cultural Heritage" took place on November 22-25, 2011, Moscow, Russia, at All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 57. Map of All-Russia Exhibition Centre

State Joint-Stock Company All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Open Joint Stock Company

Committee On Culture Of The State Duma Of The Russian Federation

Ministry Of Culture Of The Russian Federation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM of Russia)


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