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International forum "Preservation of Đultural Heritage"
All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow
22 ľ 25 November, pavilion 57

źPrincipal motivation for restoration of a monument is commitment to save and preserve it╗

I. Grabar

International Forum "Preservation of the Cultural Heritage" - the main event in the field of restoration, preservation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage of Russia.

To date, international forum on "Preservation of Cultural Heritage" - is the only specialized event at the federal level in Russia, representing the full range of products and services for the restoration industry.

At the forum participants and visitors of the forum will exchange information on recent developments and trends in the industry, preserving the traditions and unique techniques and knowledge.

Professionals have a unique opportunity to share information about the latest developments and trends in the industry, preservation of traditions.

The forum participants will be able to demonstrate advanced materials, technologies and equipment designs to attract potential investors to meet the challenges related to cultural heritage preservation and implementation of investment programs and projects, find potential customers and expand business contacts with domestic and foreign partners, to obtain accurate and complete information about specialized Russian market and its trends, participate in the discussion of relevant issues in conservation.

International forum "Preservation of the cultural heritage" - is an ideal place for meetings, providing all the industry participants with the possibility of effective collaboration, potentially beneficial agreements, productive work, generating new contacts and professional success.

Date and venue:

International forum "Preservation of Đultural Heritage" took place on November 22-25, 2011, Moscow, Russia, at All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 57. Map of All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

The Forum will be held:

International congress: "Innovation in the industry of restoration, preservation and protection of cultural heritage."

Issues raised at the congress:

  • Implementation of federal target program "Culture of Russia", the results and prospects
  • National policy frameworks for the protection and use of cultural heritage
  • Prospects and ways of modernizing the industry of restoration
  • Experience of involvement of cultural heritage in social and economic life of the country
  • Improving the legal framework
  • Evaluation and Insurance of cultural heritage
  • Implementing a quality management system
  • Development of public-private partnerships and investment policy
  • Introduction of innovative processes in the preparation of young professionals
  • Promotion the development of scientific and high-tech restoration industry

International exhibition "Industry of the restoration, preservation, protection and development of cultural heritage".

Thematic sections:

  • Restoration projects and services
  • Tools, instruments, machinery and equipment for restorers
  • Equipment, appliances, tools, machinery for the restoration and preservation of architectural sites of cultural and historical heritage
  • Materials and technologies for the processes of restoration and preservation
  • Materials, equipment and technologies for physical and chemical, laser, x-ray radiological and biological diagnosis and examination
  • Climatic equipment and systems
  • Stationary and mobile equipment and systems for the conservation of cultural property
  • Equipment, systems and facilities security, fire alarm and fire fighting
  • Equipment and systems for ornithological protection of architectural objects, and sculpture
  • Automated systems and complexes of accounting objects and objects of cultural and historical heritage
  • Equipment and supplies for the care of parks and monuments of landscape architecture
  • Lighting: architectural, landscape, interior lighting (including LED)
  • Electrical equipment
  • Information systems and technology, multimedia and software
  • Restoration, appraisal, insurance and design services
  • Publishing, special literature, media
  • Training and skills development
  • Promotion of cultural heritage (tourism, information and cognitive and promotional video and audio production, special television program)
  • A special section of "The Art of Restoration."


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